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Q: What is VODMoney.COM?
VODMoney by East Media Group, Inc., is the next generation Video on Demand (VOD) affiliate program built on the overwhelming success of EMG's retail products such as: AdultVideoLink.COM and VODAuthority.COM.

Q: What is so different about VODMoney.COM
VODMoney does not experiment with your valuable traffic, rather it delivers on what works and returns exceptional revenues.

Why continue to send traffic into tours, membership sites or other sponsors that do not convert and do not provide long-term residual revenu share? VODMoney delivers by providing the best selection of Pay-Per-Minute, Streaming and Download Rental VOD Products, at the highest bit rates, presented on easy to understand and navigate websites.

Over 500,000 customers have responded to our approach to VOD: Now it's your opportunity to use our tools to make more money, build a customer base and work with an organization that treats you and the customers you bring as the valuable assets you are!

Q: Which of your programs will allow me to make more money?
Both programs offered by VODMoney (Turn-Key VOD Sites as well as 2-Tier Link Affiliate Program) allow webmasters to earn exceptional and long-term revenues. These programs were developed with specific webmaster goals in mind. Some of our webmasters have successfully used both programs, whereas certain webmasters selected a particular program that has done well for them.

Q: Can I make money by referring other webmasters?
Absolutely! Our unique 2-tier Link Affiliate Program allows you to promote VODMoney, refer other webmasters and earn recurring 10% off referred webmasters' revenue share. Webmasters referred by our existing affiliates represent the biggest revenue-generating group. Simply go to "Link Affiliate Program", create a link to VODMoney and promote it. We will handle the rest!

Q: I am a content owner and/or producer. How can I get my content onto VODMoney Sites?
We are always looking for new content for our sites. You can make your content available to millions of VOD customers at no cost to you and earn revenue from every sale our VOD Sites make. East Media Group has earned a sterling reputation for secure delivery, content owner reporting tools and clarity and honesty in content owner compensation. Please submit a request using our Contact Form to come on board!

Q: How much can I make?
There is absolutely no minimum and maximum. Many webmasters make a very comfortable living. You just have to apply your creativity to the tools we provide and you WILL make VOD Money!

Q: When and how do I get paid?
We pay our webmasters on or before 15th of the month for the previous month. Typical method of payment is check drawn in USD. We send payments via US Postal Service. Under normal circumstances, it takes between 3 to 5 business days to reach the recipient. Overnight payments and wire transfers are available ($1,500 minimum payout required, $17 fee for overnight and $25 domestic wire transfer fee will be subtracted from the payout).

Q: What is the minimum amount of payout?
Minimum payout is $100. If current monthly earned revenue share is less than $100, this amount will be added (carried over) to the following month’s revenue share. Once earned and unpaid revenue share reaches $100, the payout will be made unless other arrangements are made (Please submit a request using our Contact Form if you prefer to change the minimum payout amount or frequency of payouts.

Q: How do I track what I am making?
The easiest way to see a snapshot of your statistics is via "Your VODMoney Dashboard", that gives you a real-time consolidated view of both, total statistics as well as sales and revenue share for a given period of time. Easy-to-use date Navigation pane allows you to quickly change the period for which you want to see your consolidated statistics. You can use our Reporting Interface for detailed and advanced statistical breakdowns (e.g. by VOD Site, Campaign, Monthly, Daily, Order History, etc.).

Q: What are typical conversion rates for VOD sites available through VODMoney?
Adult Video on Demand sites offered by VODMoney (whether your Turn-key Sites or our sites) are a new breed of money making properties for webmasters. Conversion rates at VOD Sites available through VODMoney are exponentially higher then traditional membership-based sites. Actual converstion rates for our VOD Sites are highly dependent on the quality and type of traffic that they receive. For example, search engine traffic provides much higher conversion rate as compared to free clips and gallery trafffic (TGP or MGP traffic).

Q: How many Turn-Key VOD Sites can I create ?
There is absolutely no limit to the amount of Turn-Key VOD Sites you can create.

Q: Can I promote Turn-Key VOD Sites and links I created to your VOD Sites by sending bulk email?
Absolutely NOT! We have a "Zero tolerance" policy against unsolicited mailings (aka SPAM). If you engage in this activity, you account will be immediately terminated and all earned revenue share will be forfeighted (please refer to our "Terms and Conditions").

Q: I looked at all your banners and cannot seem to find the one that would fit my specific requirements (size, etc.). Can you create that specific banner for me, or help me create one?
Please send us a request with a detailed requirements for the graphics using our Contact Form. We will be happy to create one for your use.

Q: I have some unique marketing ideas? Can I share them with you?
We are always open to any ideas that can benefit you in making money. Feel free to drop us a line using our Contact Form.

Q: I would like to get assistance to get started with VODMoney. How do I get support?
VODMoney support staff is knowledgeable in any relevant area that you may need assistance with. We will be happy to give you a hand and get you started very quickly. Just drop us a line using our Contact Form and your request will be forwarded to a most appropriate support staff (whether you have a detailed technical question or need a quick pointer on marketing approach, whether you are an experienced webmaster or a newbie). We will work with you to make sure you can fully utilize VODMoney potential and start profiting from the Video on Demand Revolution in no time!

Q: What is the best way obtaining support or ask questions?
The most efficient way to obtain support is to submit a request using our Contact Form. Your request will be assigned a support tracking number that you will be able to refer to for all communications related to that request.

We handle all support requests in the order we receive them. Typical response time during our extended business hours (Mon-Fri 8AM – 9PM EST) is under an hour. Outside those hours, we will reply within 24 hours. Please refer to the Support and Contact Us sections of our web site.

Q: I have a very urgent question/issue or I would like to report and outage. How do I do it?
While our fully redundant infrastructure has provided 100% uptime in the last 3+ years of operation, VODMoney has special support staff available 24x7 to handle matters of high urgency. All urgent requests and outage reports should be addressed using our Contact Form. Please use discretion when submitting urgent request. The abuse of this channel of communication may lead to delays of handling your future requests.

Q: What are the system Requirements to work with VODMoney Site and to Create Turn-Key VOD Sites?
The following minimum system requirements are strongly recommended in order to maximize all the potential of VODMoney site.
  1. Hardware:
    Pentium 4 (1.5Ghz or higher), RAM:256MB, Video Memory: 8MB Display resolution 1024x768
  2. Software:
    OS: Windows 2000, XP or 2003, Browser: MS Internet Explorer 6 or higher (Other mainstream browsers such as Firefox and Netscape Navigator will work, however, some of the advanced featured available on our site may not function properly)

Q: Can I point my own domain name to one or more Turn-Key VOD Sites I create?
Yes, Absolulely! Please refer to Help section on creating a new VOD Site. If you need any help in setting this up, we would be happy to walk you through the process, just drop us a line using our Contact Form.